Major trends in India - Infographic
There has been multiple research conducted on a wide range of social topics and trends and their implications on future businesses. The new landscape shows a different shift of trends in india. Where social and mobile trends are garnering momentum,  old trends are finding new ways to captivate the audience.

The following infographic only focuses on  key cultural and social trends simply because I find them important and interesting in understanding the new evolved consumer psyche.

Social myopia
There is a tremendous traction to social from the business world and especially in the emerging markets where marketing platforms are not very evolved. The business peer pressure is enforcing companies to dive into social river but most of my experience says that many of such entrants have one or no social marketing strategy. By opening yourselves to world of customers, it is imperative that you do one thing right; that is answer their queries on time. According to Socialbakers,70% of fan queries never get answered. The new standard that they have proposed “Socially Devoted companies” adds a new parameter in measuring the social influence and a social customer care.

Social Restrictions
On the other hand, companies are drafting policies barring employees from using social networking sites. A recent research report from software security firm Clearswift found that 19% of companies are blocking employee access to social media sites at work, a jump from 9% only last year. Even though many companies believe social media is vital to success, they're resistant to adopting new technologies for fear of leaks. The concern is well understood where data loss, compliance or inbound threats could jeopardize the infrastructure, research or competitive edge.

Could this be avoided? Yes, companies could deploy secure web gateways that simply allows you to decide exactly what content flows, when and to whom. It lets you create secure policies that enable collaboration, mitigate the risk and maintain productivity.

The “Open External and Moderate Internal” strategy could lead to

customer driven and yet controlled social media experience.

Are social sites blocked at your workplace? 

How “Socially devoted” is your company?